My 360° Editing Software

Autopano Video Pro 2.5

Autopano Video Pro 2.5 from Kolor is THE stitching software I use.  Incredibly powerful, intuitive, and relatively quick even on a laptop, this is how I render all my 360° videos.  Supporting from 2 cameras all the was up to 24 cameras, this software works with both of my 360° rigs.

Autopano Giga 2.0

Autopano Giga is a tool that helps Autopano Video Pro create the panoramas from multiple cameras and stitch them.  Definitely a tool I use multiple times when rendering any 360° video, adding control points, vertical and horizontal rules, and masking are all found right here!  Works hand in hand with Video Pro 2.5, saving a .pano file will update the 360 stitch if you have it open in Autopano Video Pro at the same time.

Pinnacle Studio 20

I've used Pinnacle Studio for years while editing videos.  Its an affordable, although not as powerful, alternative to Adobe's Premiere Pro.  With the release of Studio 20 they now include support for 360° video, although it seems basic on my initial use of it.  We'll see in time if it is more powerful than it appears..

Skybox Mettle

The software (Adobe AE Plugin) that I use in order to put in flat logos and flat text into 360° videos without warping the logo / text.  Simple, and works well.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Definitely one of the most complex video editing suites available, and it does cost a bit more, but you DO get what you pay for.  An incredible editing suite that's powerful, and easily integrates with Adobe's After Effects giving your videos that professionally finished look.

Adobe After Effects CC

Combined with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects gives you the ability to do ALOT of special effects, and even allows you to do titling in 360° videos by using Skybox's Mettle software.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Something relatively new to me, Adobe's creative cloud does make collaboration between all my devices MUCH easier.  And it keeps my files that I am currently working on easily accessible.  So far I like it, but I still need to play with it quite a bit more.  I think I am barely using it in comparison to all the features it offers.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Almost as long as I have been using a PC, I've been using Adobe Photoshop to do my graphics and photo editing.  I still use it in video production for some titles and other graphics.