About Me…

wpid-20150110_170838_highview-dr.jpg.jpegHmm..  How can I sum up myself in a few paragraphs?  Seems like it would take an entire site to really do the job right..  I have way too many interests for one person!  And there are never enough hours in a day to pursue them all.

So, I decided to create my own blog..  A way to keep a record of things I have done, archive the photos I liked, and share some of the knowledge that’s tucked away in the dusty corners of my mind.

On my site you will find information on everything from Gardening and Home Improvement, to off-road sports such as ATVs and Rock Crawling, to photographs of anything that catches my eye.  Yes, here you will get a view into all the things that make me tick, make me think, and make me learn new things every day.  As my mother used to say “The day you die, is the day you stop learning”, and I plan to keep learning things for MANY more years!

So sit down, grab a cold one and get ready for the most eclectic collection of blog posts that you’re probably ever going to find.


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