ATV Race Videos

This is a small portfolio of ATV race videos that I edited for my own site, as well as the now defunct TheQuadbuilder.Net.  This was a great site for the local race series, between the Atlantic Grand Prix, the New England Cross Country Series, some Grand National Cross Country stuff and even the NEATV and PA State Harescramble Series. Most of this was done before GoPro’s were even a product, and we used lipstick tube cameras feeding camcorders in fanny packs to get helmet cam footage, plus 2 or 3 people in the woods with Digital 8 camcorders to get enough footage.  On average, I had to go thru about 6 hours of footage to put together a 5 minute video..

A few favorites are: 9/16/2007 – Unadilla, 4/20/2008 – Little Egg Harbor, and 5/9/2010 – Bloomsburg, PA. Unadilla is probably my most favorite, for two reasons.  First, it was an awesome track, and my first GNCC, and second because I finally got a groove on with my editing, and had footage to do it with. Just loved how the video turned out in the end.  Also, Bloomsburg is a particularly fun one because I managed to capture my entire first lap without muddying up the helmet cam so my friends could finally see what a full lap of a cross-country race was like.  I also always wanted to use Achilles Last Stand from Led Zeppelin as a soundtrack, but its an awfully long song, luckily for me, it worked out to be just about the length of a lap!  And I manage to make two sweet passes in the lap as well at the 4:20 mark and again at 9:48 (that guy on the orange quad was a dick for not letting me pass considering I was on his tail the whole time).

Sorry for the lower quality vids, but the originals were lost long ago, and these were what I could salvage..