Wrangler Sport Roll Cage

Wrangler Sport Roll Cage

For peace of mind while out in the woods, I decided the Wrangler needed a Sport Cage.  After all, its not uncommon for some of the guys I go wheeling with to end up with the rubber side up, and even though its usually a low speed rollover, I still wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be injured in the event of a rollover (its not “if” it happens really, its more like a matter of “when” its going to happen).

  • The Basic Kit

There are a few kits available for the Wrangler YJ, and I did not want a bolt on kit, opting instead for a weld-in kit.  First, its cheaper, and second, its generally stronger than a bolt on sport cage.  I could have opted for a fully welded complete cage that bolts in, but the cost of that would almost equal the cost of my jeep.  For now, this addition to my existing stock roll bar will provide the extra protection I want, at a price I can afford.

There are a few options I considered, Poison Spider, Blue Torch Fabrication, and Trail Gear.  Poison Spider, while good, was pricey.  Between Blue Torch and Trail Gear, their kits were identical but Blue Torch wanted almost $200 more ($439.99 for their kit vs. $250 for Trail Gear).  Both kits were made with 1.75″ .120 wall DOM tube, and had the same plates for both the windshield as well as the floor mounts.  The thing that sealed the deal was Trail Gear offered a free shipping promo right after Christmas (and this stuff is HEAVY, would have cost $80 for shipping otherwise).

Welding the kit in was easy enough, though a word of caution.  Protect your windshield!  While adjusting the windshield spreader bar I broke a tack weld and dropped a bar into the windshield, leaving me with a nice big spiderweb of cracks smack dab in front of the driver.  Guess a new windshield will be in the works next!

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