Starting seeds for 2015….

Starting seeds for 2015….

Every type is labeled

Every year I tend to start my own garden seeds.  First, its much cheaper than buying plants.  Second, there’s more gratification in starting something from seed.  And finally, most seeds I start are not available at the local garden centers anyway, I grow some more unique or off beat things.  This year I decided to bring my seed starting rack up from the basement to save on some electric and use the sun to start this years sprouts.  I can fit 8 trays on the rack, which is plenty for my small garden plans.  
This years seeds include:

Tomato (Planted 3/16)

  • Cherokee Purple
  • Garden Leader Monster
  • Brandywine Pink
  • Roma
  • Endless Summer
  • Super Beefsteak
2 Trays per level, Dual 32w Flourescent Tubes per level

Peppers (Planted 3/16)

  • Burpee Hot Mix
  • Poinsettia
  • Coyame Hybrid
  • Sweet Crispy Hybrid
  • Caribbean Red
  • Sweet Bell Hybrid
  • California Wonder


  • National Pickling
  • Garden Sweet Burpless
  • Straight Eight
  • Muncher


  • Crackerjack Mixed Colors
  • Lemon Drop
  • French Dwarf Double
  • Petite Orange


  • Icy Emerald
  • Iceberg
  • Iceberg A
  • Burpee Bibb
Plenty of room to start all my seedlings for 2015


  • Sweet
  • Genovese
  • Siam Queen


  • Single / Plain
  • Italian Dark Green

Greek Oregano
True Lavender
Chinese Lantern
Dazzler Cosmos
Goblin Gaillardia

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