Just how hard is it to get a passport?

Just how hard is it to get a passport?

Really, you wouldn’t think it was terribly hard to get a passport if you are a U.S. Citizen with no criminal record, right?  Well, I’ve gotta do it a bit different than most, so it only makes sens that my process was not as easy as some.  passport%20book

Of course, you need a few pieces of basic identification to get your passport, and most of us should have these in safekeeping somewhere.

Driver’s License – Check!  Always had this in my wallet, so that was an easy one to find.

Social Security Card – Check!  Even still have my original one, as tattered and faded as it is.  Another easy one to find.

Birth Certificate – ARGH! I had to get a replacement when I got married in 2002, and since then even lost that one! Now on my third replacement!  Ok, so this should be an easy one to replace, right?  I check with a site called VitalCheck, and order a copy of my birth certificate.  Getting to the town that it was issued in was not in my plans that week, so I ordered it figuring I would save time.  They request a signed copy of a form they provided, plus a copy of my drivers license, scanned and emailed.  A week later, I get the email stating that I still need to provide that form.  So I email it, AND fax it to the number on the form as well.  Yet another week passes and I get the same form email stating they need my info.  Now its two weeks later and I say screw it and drive to the town that can issue my replacement birth certificate, and I have it in my possession and I am back home by noon.  Took me long enough, but now I finally have all my credentials in hand.  The rest should be easy, right?


The same day that I finally got a hold of my replacement birth certificate,  we headed to the US Post Office in town to start our passport application.  According to the USPS website, my local post office processed passport applications.  Well, true to my luck, they don’t, but they recommend me to go to the other USPO on the other side of town.  Ok, its a 10 minute drive, and we head over there.  The clerk behind the counter asks if we made an appointment, and having been referred to by our original Post Office just a half hour before, we had no appointment. The clerk replies in a snotty tone “Well, the guy who processes passports is on vacation for another week, and THATS why we require appointments”.  Ok then….

Wait ANOTHER week.  Finally made an appointment and went back this past Monday morning.  We have all our credentials, out photos, even our applications filled out, and when we get there, the guy is out on break!  Evidently, the one who took the appointment failed to notify the guy who does them.  Just par for the course for us!  Either way, we managed to get our passports finally under way.. Only a mere 3 weeks after we really wanted to!  Needless to say, they are being expedited, as we’d like to travel in mid-September..



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