And the first toy up for sale is….

And the first toy up for sale is….

Tear Down Begins

A really Bad Ass Polaris Predator 90 that I had built for my niece / nephew to race XC with me when I was still racing.  My niece raced it a few times, and life got in the way.  It’s now sat in my trailer for the past few years, and it’s about time to dig it out and make it nice so I can sell it.

Upon digging it out, I realized two things.  First, there was no way that battery held even the slightest charge, and second I was glad that I had turned the fuel petcock to the off position.  All four tires were flat, and it was a chore to roll it over to the garage.

Dual A Arm Front Suspension

Once there, I proceeded to put the battery charger on it (one can hope, right?), and turn on my air compressor to fill the tires.  I put some pre-mix in the gas tank (if I remember correctly, this takes a 32:1 ratio), turn the petcock on and give it a kick over.  Almost wants to run.  So I crank up my charger to “50 amp Start Mode” and push the starter button while kicking.  BAM! She starts!  Ok, so I let it warm up for a little, pull off the charger for the moment, and go to take it out for a spin up the street and something’s not right.  Seems like the rev limiter is kicking in, and I can’t get past half throttle.  So I pack her up for the night, it is getting dark after all, and hook up the charger on a 2 amp charge for the night while I head inside to do a little research on the good ‘ole internet.

Dual A-Arm Suspension Mocked Up

Turns out I find a thread that pretty much describes my problem.  And when this quad was last used, the rev limiter wasn’t an issue.  It’s entirely possible that there may be a clogged circuit in the carburetor that needs to be cleaned.  But that’s a project for tomorrow night.  Having cleaned enough carbs I know I’ll need some cleaner and some time tomorrow night to devote to this.  And I do believe that it will be an easy fix once everything is cleaned.  At least for now the Predator 90 is out of the trailer, in the garage, and hooked up to a charger (wishful thinking).  At least the battery will cost less than $50 if I do need one! (Most likely I will).

As for why I think this little quad is a really BAD ASS?  Well, I built it of course! But that’s not the only reason I think its bad ass..  In a nutshell, this quad was built from the ground up to be a reliable woods performer.  Starting with Maxxis Razr Cross tires and bead-lock rims on all four corners, this quad really gets some good traction.  But that wouldn’t be possible without the additional width provided by the Diamond J 2″ hub spacers in the rear and the custom dual a-arm suspension with disc brakes (borrowed from a Honda 300ex) up front.  This gives the quad a much wider stance, and considerably more stability!  To project the rider, custom XFR nerf bars were added with metal heel guards and a DG skid plate and PowerMadd Hand Guards.

One Bad Ass Little Quad!

The original exhaust pipe on this quad was a super restrictive straight pipe.  I had purchased a racing pipe with an expansion chamber made for a predator, but not this one (with reverse).  So I ended up having a friend do a bit of cutting and welding to make it all fit.  Changed the cylinder from a 90cc to a 110cc, swapped out the carburetor for a Mikuni, and eliminated the oil injection system.  Added a performance clutch kit, Boyesen reeds, High Rev CDI Box, oil injector block off plate and a single pull throttle cable. Overall, this little quad is one bad little mofo, and it will be hard to see it go, but it must..


Looking to get about $2300 for it.  Its a 2006 and I do have title in hand.

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