Just how much control do I have in my online world?

Just how much control do I have in my online world?

Recently I’ve had a few discussions with people regarding how much I am willing to put on my site. And honestly, I must admit, I have refrained from posting things at times because I don’t need my ex-wife, ex-girlfriends or any other nefarious people putting their noses in where they don’t belong.

Well, it really caused me to think long and hard about the purpose of this site. And for me, that purpose is to share in my knowledge, learn from my experiences, and do something a bit different from the rest. Ya see.. I like to tell stories. And I love to teach. And I figured this site would be a way for me to combine those things into something positive that others can use to better themselves. Sure, the topics will be varied, and not apply to or interest each person, but that’s just me. All over the map.

So, in thinking about this dilemma, one thought kept coming to mind. If I don’t post something because I fear someone else seeing it (and yet wouldn’t care if the world sees it otherwise), then I am letting that person control my life, or at least this part of my life. And quite frankly, since I am not doing anything illegal or immoral, why am I even worrying? Screw Them! If they want to keep tabs on me and what I’m doing, so be it. I’m not going to alter the way I live just because someone wants to see what I am up to.

In terms of identity theft, well, there’s not much to me! I don’t have any credit cards, and keep a watch on my finances, and where I shop online. Has my card been hacked before? Of course it has, who’s hasn’t been? But generally, I am pretty smart and protective of what I post and where I use my personal information.

So with that being said… Here’s to a more open blog format, and a big screw you to all the nefarious ones who seek to use that info for no good! I’m not censoring myself for ANYBODY!

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