Only One Day Left!!

Only One Day Left!!

Only one workday left until my vacation begins..  And let me tell you, today was a crazy day trying to tie up all loose ends before vacation.  I was given the task of creating an instructional DVD for a rather large pond we built this summer at SUNY Plattsburg.  In the middle of August we went up for a major cleaning of the pond, and got some footage to use in this DVD.  Sadly my bosses decision to use an iPad mini wasn’t the best, and the audio portions of his lecture were all but unusable..  Maybe next time he’ll work with me using a better camera (maybe the GoPro?) and a wireless lavalier mic setup.  Needless to say, this put me in a bad position when it came to usable footage for this DVD, and I had to improvise… BIG TIME…

Well, the boss liked my improvisation, and I ended up making 6 seperate videos for this instructional DVD.  Crisis averted.  On top of that task, I also had to complete the graphics work for our Moonlight Pond Tour (that will be happening when I am away) PLUS create some mailers that need to both go out, one for tomorrow, and one is scheduled for next week while I am away.  Needless to say, it makes for a long day.

But that all melts away when I consider that I will be on the bottom of the ocean, one week from today, enjoying sights like this:

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Yes, its going to be incredibly hard to pull myself away from it and come back home.  But nobody says that I can’t return..  And who knows, I may return sooner than I thought, and stay longer than expected next time.

What an incredible experience this is going to be.  And I have so much to do yet.  Obviously I haven’t packed yet, but I have started creating a pile of things I plan to take.  Honestly, its just some clothing, GoPro and mounts, laptop and toiletries for now.  I do need to pick up a gift for my gracious host and manage to pack that safely for the flight.  Trying to keep everything to 1 carryon bag and 1 checked bag.  If I wasn’t bringing my host a gift, I could skip the checked bag, but knowing how happy it will make him, and how generous he has been, I can’t skip the opportunity to use a checked bag to bring him things that are not available there.

Then I have to actually PACK..

Oh, and I may also have to go to the Verizon Store tomorrow.  Yeah, just what I wanted to do on the night before I leave for vacation.  All day today my phone has been a bit funky.  Touch screen working, then not working.  And rebooting over and over after I pull the battery and replace it.  Eventually it boots up, and I have touch screen again. I am currently doing a factory reset / restore, and if that doesn’t work, I will have no choice but to visit Verizon.

But then I think…  French Angels… Sea Turtles…  Scuba Diving…..  Tropical Island…..

And its all good…

Ta Ta for now!

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