T-Minus 3 Weeks!

T-Minus 3 Weeks!

A Picture is worth a thousand words…  And three weeks from tonight, I will be sitting on that dock, cold drink in hand, looking forward to 3 weeks of island life in beautiful Utila, Honduras.  altons

It won’t be all fun and games though, as I do intend to complete my EFR / Rescue Diver certification while I am there.  And most divers will tell you that its a fun course anyway.  But there will be plenty of fun dives in there, and I plan to use my GoPro to capture as much of it as I possibly can.  I will also be spending some time dialing in my photo and video skills, playing with filters, a MacroMate lens and a 10x magnifier, as well as various light setups on my own home made camera rig.  Everything from diving the depths to snorkeling the shallows,  venturing off into the jungle and distant beaches, and possibly even a little bit of white water rafting on the mainland in La Cieba on the tail end of my trip, who knows what will happen!

The packing end of it is driving me a bit crazy though.  Between bringing the GoPro and various accessories, a laptop, scuba gear, and clothing and other things for 3 weeks, and trying to fit it all in a carry-on bag, messenger bag and one checked bag, getting it all together is like a game of tetris and jenga at the same time.  Obviously  nothing critical will be packed in my checked luggage, and I somehow need to fit a scuba kit in my carry on while my tech things are going in the messenger bag, and I have to make sure I have everything I need, anything I forget can impact the rest of the trip (have to remember various chargers, cables and stupid little things like spare O-Rings).  I think I have it somewhat sorted out, but I won’t know until I get a little time to try and put it all together.  But at least I have a list!

Then, I have to deal with airport security!  Not really looking forward to bringing a giant steel backplate thru security and having to explain what it is, nor try and explain what my dive computer is.  Nor am I looking forward to having to empty my carry on bag and re-pack it after they scrutinize all the odd hoses and gauges in a scuba kit.

But it will be worth it..  Oh yes… It will be worth it….

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