Going back to Utila!

Going back to Utila!

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Gorgeous Hibiscus on the roadside.

Yup!  My plane tickets are booked, and accommodations are all set..  Plans are evolving as I type this, but I have three goals for my return to Utila.

  1. Get all the 360° footage I need for my short film on plastics in the ocean.
  2. Research dive schools for Dive Master and Instructor Development Courses.
  3. Get in at least a dozen fun dives, while testing a new 360° underwater camera!

And I am going to try to attempt to get all of this done within 10 days!  At least I already know the island, where to eat, what the schedule is like on a daily basis, and where to find the fun stuff to do.  The shot list for my short film just keeps growing though, and I really have to work on managing my time there to make sure I get everything on film while accounting for potentially bad weather on some days.

20160108_081216 (Medium)
Plastic trash that just floats in.

For my film project on plastics in the ocean, I want to get a variety of shots, from storytelling style interviews to underwater footage on the reef, and from atv rides thru the town and jungle to aerial views of a beach cleanup in process and the north and east beaches.  This is obviously going to require some serious coordination in terms of time, people and resources!

Luckily for my project, I think I will shoot it all with a pair of Kodak SP360 4k cameras instead of my 7 camera GoPro rig as it makes my workflow much easier, quicker, and hopefully will have less issues under water, plus is affords me the ability to get aerial 360 footage with a drone.

underwater-vision-diveIn terms of researching dive schools, its pretty easy actually as I have narrowed it down to three (really two), and I want to talk with each of their course directors before I decide on which direction I want to go.   I think I have narrowed it down to Underwater Vision (UV) and Bay Islands College of Diving (BICD), although I haven’t ruled out Utila Dive Center (UDC) just yet.  Depending on costs, I may do my Dive Master certification at Alton’s, but they do not offer anything beyond Dive Master.

So it will be a busy 10 days for sure on this trip, but it will still be relaxing no matter what happens..  How can it not be when you are in a tropical paradise??


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