Whale Sharks are back in Utila!

Whale Sharks are back in Utila!

Whale Shark!

These gentle giants are back in Utila!

Whale Sharks Sighted!

Nothing gets a dive boat full of divers more excited than finding a whale shark.  After all, this happens to be the largest fish in the ocean, and although it is a shark (and not a whale), it is also a filter feeder and poses no threat to people.  A big part of the amazement of this fish is its sheer size!  They can grow up to 46 feet long and weigh up to 12 tons!  That's basically a swimming school bus!

They are also rather slow swimmers, and this allows us to swim along with them.  Their beautiful patterns of dots and lines look amazing in clear water,  shimmering with the sunlight.  These creatures are easily spooked, and when you spot one you have to slip into the water, frogmen style, and not jump in.  Yes, the adrenaline is pumping, excitement levels are thru the roof, and you are trying to calmly slip into the water so as to not scare the whale shark.  Not such an easy task, but if you manage to do it just right, you may get to experience one of the most amazing things in your life.  Yes, it is life-changing.

Whale Shark Facts

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