“Drifting in Perpetuity”

“Drifting in Perpetuity”


  1. be carried slowly by a current of air or water.



  1. a thing that lasts forever or for an indefinite period, in particular.
  2. the state or quality of lasting forever.


20160121_172733 (Medium)I think this is it..  I think this will be the title of my 360° film project on sea plastic.  Perfect fit actually, and it sums up the problem in just 3 words.  Plastics last forever for the most part, they only break into smaller and smaller pieces, taking centuries to actually break down.  And yes, it is a problem drifting in our oceans, everywhere from reefs and tropical islands to the Giant Pacific Garbage Gyre.

Plastic garbage doesn’t go away..  It doesn’t disintegrate, it just takes up space.  For the most part, all plastics ever made are still in existence, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  In the ocean, plastic just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually small enough for filter feeders to feed on.  Of course, there is no nutrition from this plastic, and the entire food chain suffers.  Whales have been found with stomachs full of plastic bags, turtles have been found with plastic drinking straws up their noses, and plastic can be found on the most remote tropical beaches that would otherwise show no signs of mans existence.

Miles of fishing line and nets, tons of flip-flops, bottle caps, toothbrushes.  Bottles galore, disposable razors and many other assorted plastic home goods litter the beaches in the remotest parts of the world, and unless we do something about our plastic consumption, its only going to get worse.

20160121_172736 (Medium)So my little project to bring awareness to the “permanency” of plastics was born when I was diving in Utila, Honduras in January 2016.   I was about to do my final checkout dives to become a certified Rescue Diver, and as we looked over the edge of the boat, all we saw was plastics floating in the water.  Tropical beaches, palm trees with jungle beyond, not a house in sight, and there was all this plastic right there.  Later on that trip I would venture to the North and East side beaches of Utila and see more plastic debris washed up on the shore.  A seed of inspiration was planted, and this will be the recognition of that inspiration.

A ton of planning, testing and practicing has come down to 10 days in the Caribbean to get all the shots that I need to create this short film.  Everything from interviews with locals to aerial shots with a drone, to underwater shots while scuba diving, all in 360° video so the viewer is totally immersed while I tell my story.  Of course it’s going to be shot in 360°, I want the viewer to feel like they are THERE, so they can hopefully feel enough empathy to start making changes in their own life.  I know the experience I had in Utila made me want to make some changes to my plastic consumption, and it also made me much more vocal about it, hopefully my short film will make you want to make some changes as well…

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