Video Editing Tutorials

Kolor Autopano Video Pro 2.x Tutorials

Create a 360 video in Autopano Video 2.2

This updated tutorial will show you how to create a 360 video from shooting to publication using Kolor Autopano Video 2.2's new interface.

Control Points Tutorial

In this tutorial, Alex Pearce Productions discusses the most important process of stitching: the control points editor.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Spin FX Tutorial

Create a dynamic spectral animation without 3rd party plug-ins.

Shockwave Tutorial

Create a powerful shock-wave effect without 3rd party plug-ins.

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Premiere Pro CC for Beginners

thetutorialdude walks you through how to set up and do a basic edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2015 version) so you can start making your own videos!

Premiere Pro for Absolute Beginners

New to Premiere Pro? In this tutorial Surfaced Studio shows you how to create a video using Adobe Premiere Pro.